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Love Lies Bleeding

Love Lies Bleeding

Work in Progress Love Lies Bleeding A grainy experimental work of microscope videos created over 3 years, during Roisins deeply engaged phase of researching everything about the plant world. 

‘Tampopo Rialto’


Work In Progress ‘Tampopo Rialto’ FILM Two wayward dandelion pickers Tampopo is the Japanese for Dandelion and is also the name of a film in which the leading protagonist struggles to make her business thrive after the death of her husband. Roisin’s film partly takes this creative block theme into consideration, but within the environment […]

She Rose Signs

She Rose Signs, sign-painting

Bridging the traditional and the modern, Roisin has developed a practice of sign-painting over the last four years.

It is of great interest to bring a handmade beauty and skill into the realms of the built environment and the home as well. The work hones skills of the traditional sign painter and brings something of her own style and intention into the work.

Daoine Crainn

Daoine Crainn

Daoine Crainn –or “Tree People” in Irish– is a digital photographic collage and research project that has been nurtured for the last four years.

The images, which the artist refers to as “from the ‘Mirror Tree’,” reveal beings from the land and trees. The Mirror Tree helps these beings emerge and be seen. The work can be seen in the realm of intuitive art or ‘chance’ and the artist considers them more channelled through a personal connection to the trees she encounters.



FREENIX FREENIX was a bandstand festival happening between Phoenix Park Bandstand and Stephen’s Green Bandstand. Roisin collaborated with Little Gem Records to devise a visual art element as well as a programme of underground Irish and international musicians. It was inspired by take back the city events and evolved over time into semi seasonal events […]

Hey Peanut!

Hey Peanut! 2014 – Róisín was part of an event titled Art and Aesthetic Intervention curated by artist Clodagh Emoe. The work devised by Róisín and was titled ‘Hey Peanut’. This was a performative event that examined how an artist creates within the realm of Capitalism and how they artist are generally underpayed and undervalued. The […]

Bass Tickle, Boiled Bog

Bass Tickle Boiled Bog

Bass Tickle, Boiled Bog For Hunters Moon Festival The Dock, Carraig-on-Shannon 2013 Mixed media: sound, macramé, bamboo, Coca Cola. The liquid in the bowl is simultaneously dying the netted fabric and generating a continuous loop of white noise.

Tracing the Unseen

Tracing the Unseen

Tracing the Unseen 2013 – Multifaceted community art project including exhibition, event and map based around the Royal Canal, Phibsborough. The focus was gathering a map of ‘unheard voices’ in the community of Phibsborough. Róisín gathered specimens of the macro invertebrates from the royal canal. This involved making nets, catching and identifying these creatures. This involved working […]

Coracle Oracle

Coracle Oracle

Coracle Oracle 2014 – Community art project: exhibition, event, workshop In collaboration with other artists in Satellite Studios, Róisín devised a three part event for Phibsborough Art Festival.  ‘Coracle Oracle’ was a multifaceted event centred around the building of the traditional boat called the coracle. A boat was built from the traditional methods using willow and hazel. Each […]


‘Lenticularis’ 2012 – A solo exhibition at The Joinery, Dublin. Medium: film, sculptural installation. This work reflected the themes within her masters research including the use of organic materials and the spiritual/scientific theme. The sculptural materials edible goods including agar/isinglass, a type of seaweed and lentils. The sculptures took the life of ancient mapping device of the stars, […]

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