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Daoine Crainn

Daoine Crainn
Daoine Crainn –or “Tree People” in Irish– is a digital photographic collage and research project that has been nurtured for the last four years.

The images, which the artist refers to as “from the ‘Mirror Tree’,” reveal beings from the land and trees. The Mirror Tree helps these beings emerge and be seen. The work can be seen in the realm of intuitive art or ‘chance’ and the artist considers them more channelled through a personal connection to the trees she encounters.

The project may be tracked through the Instagram page @daoinecrainn. The focus is forming a personal folklore that can be shared with the wider world. Thus forming community around a certain visual lore. Storytelling and the ‘reading’ of the image is important too, to form discussion and meditation round the ‘spirit’ in nature and the living entity of the tree. 

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