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Hey Peanut!

Hey Peanut! 2014 – Róisín was part of an event titled Art and Aesthetic Intervention curated by artist Clodagh Emoe.

The work devised by Róisín and was titled ‘Hey Peanut’. This was a performative event that examined how an artist creates within the realm of Capitalism and how they artist are generally underpayed and undervalued.

The performance illustrated how wider capitalist society perceives art as meditation or therapy, an unreal kind of occupation. Where, in fact, art is the basis of a society, where the voice of the artist often brings attention to concerns that are important in order for society to evolve and improve. 

The choice of using peanuts as a food product for the performance was inspired by the other artist participant, Vincent Trasov, who in 1974 ran for election to become mayor as Mr Peanut, the popular character in the advertising of the sale of peanuts, to represent artists, and gain some kind of traction toward fair pay for their work. The work was lauded by William Burroughs.

The performative installation was devised to honour a feminine space of creativity, taking inspiration from indigenous cultures where food preparation is carried out by women in small communities, or by women in factories in questionable environments

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