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Coracle Oracle

Coracle Oracle
Coracle Oracle 2014 – Community art project: exhibition, event, workshop

In collaboration with other artists in Satellite Studios, Róisín devised a three part event for Phibsborough Art Festival. 

‘Coracle Oracle’ was a multifaceted event centred around the building of the traditional boat called the coracle. A boat was built from the traditional methods using willow and hazel. Each artist centred a sculptural piece around this project which culminated in an exhibition for the festival in the Satellite Gallery Space. Roisin’s sculptural work was that of a large coiling hand knotted rope the width of the Canal Basin titled ‘Double Helix Dreamer’ which was tied to the coracle and used to pull participants up across the Basin during the launch event.  There was also a boat building event lead by the artists for the community in the grounds of The Kings Inns on Constitution Hill. After a parade, the coracle was launched in a ceremony on the Royal Canal Basin along with the sculptural elements each member created. The project was an exploration of combining traditional vessel making with fine art work. It was an exciting event that brought boat enthusiasts and the wider community together. The aim was inclusivity in the arts and inspiring imagination in the surrounding environment. 

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