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‘Ariadnes Isinglass String’

Ariadnes Isinglass String - part of [preface] exhibtion
‘Ariadnes Isinglass String’
Exhibition: [preface]
Pallas Projects, Dublin, 2010.

Mixed media including jelly and seaweed, wood and glass.

Ariadnes thread that she takes into the labyrinth is made from seaweed that could eventually become the new earth friendly alternative to plastic. However, she must find her way through the labyrinth before she can find out.

‘Preface’ by MA Art in the Contemporary World and MA Art in the Digital World students arose from a preoccupation with the travels between art and literature, and the spiralling, labyrinthine and multiple points at which these meet. Heated discussions about the interstitial links between art and literature among the artists informed this preoccupation and gave the impetus to present Preface. The artists approach the visual by taking writers such as Jorge Luis Borges, W.G. Sebald and Samuel Beckett as starting points, adopting fictive or narrative elements into the artwork or presenting the text as visual. The various ways to negotiate the literary in the visual are explored through text, drawings, photography and installation.”

The exhibition was accompanied by a booklet produced by the artists and writers. More info here.

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